Mulhouse is a city in the French region Alsace. By car, it takes you approx. one and a half hours to get there. Just like Colmar, Mulhouse is characterized by its charming timber-frame architecture and winding alleys.

Numerous museums and the impressive street art illustrate the turbulent history of the city.

City tours

The best and most informative way of exploring a city usually is by going on a guided tour. In Mulhouse, city tours in several languages can be booked every day.

Temple Saint-Étienne

The St. Stephen's Church (Temple Saint-Étienne), with its 97-metre high spire, sits enthroned above the city. When visiting Mulhouse, take the time and admire this Gothic landmark from up close.


Mulhouse is particularly famous for having the world’s biggest automotive museum. Nonetheless, there are many other museums for you to visit, as for example the railway museum with its impressive collection of very rare objects.

Street art

In Mulhouse, art is not only found in museums, but on the streets as well. Creative graffiti, witty installations and street art performers can be met everywhere and at any time of day. More about Mulhouse street art.

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