Basel is justly considered to be the Swiss capital of culture. Whether it’s art, history, theatre or music – you can definitely quench your thirst for artistic amusement here.

Even when it comes to food, shopping or sightseeing, Basel will not disappoint you.

City tours

Minster, old town, architectural gems – a city tour will give you all the background facts about the city of Basel. By the way, you can also make a city tour on the river – with the Basel ferry boats.

Galleries & museums

Almost 40 galleries & museums like the Kunsthalle or the Papiermühle are contributing to Basel’s reputation as the cultural capital of Switzerland. Let yourself be inspired.


The award-winning theatre in Basel impresses with a multi-faceted programme and outstanding actors.

Zoo Basel

Basel’s zoo is the oldest zoological park in Switzerland. It owes his international fame to all the home-bred animals.


Thanks to its charming boutiques by both renowned and aspiring designers, Basel has become an insider’s tip for shopping

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